My goal is to provide you with just-in-time tools, forms, and templates, and training to help you save time and make more money.

I got into this online world of business as a military spouse, looking for a way to make extra income and have a portable career, in 2005. After building a profitable and organized virtual assistant practice from the ground up, I began to share those insights and systems to improve the practices of other virtual assistants, coaches, and consultants.

Since then, I’ve gotten to experience so much of the entrepreneur’s journey and been able to be present in the life of my family as we moved from California to North Carolina. I am an author, speaker, trainer, and marketer.

I originally started my shop under, providing virtual assistants with helpful forms and templates. I then grew another shop under helping coaches and network marketers save time with templates, printables, action kits, and training guides. I am now rebranding both shops all in one place –

I’m grateful that I get to work at home, that I have the freedom and flexibility to play with my dogs all day, spend long weekends on my sailboat, drop everything to have lunch with my husband and be present with my family.

I’m grateful that my work gives you that freedom, too.

Charities and causes that my husband and I support with our time and money: