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Planning “Your Best Year Ever”

As every small business owner knows, if you’re not having fun and enjoying your work, it’s tough to stay motivated. And if you’re not feeling motivated, it’s nearly impossible to grow. So many solopreneurs simply exist, working hard day after day, without ever loving their business, and sometimes even coming to resent the very things you used to enjoy. Or...

Private Coaching Planner

What’s the most powerful way to learn new business strategies and increase your bottom line? A high-end, private coach can not only offer insights into new marketing, branding, systems, and business improvements, but she can also serve as a second set of eyes on your existing plan. Because she’s been where you are, your coach is an invaluable resource as...

Product Creation Planner

Let me ask you… Do you have a plan for product creation? Do you know what products and services you’ll offer and when? Are you already earning as much income as you’d like? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then this probably isn’t for you. But if you answered “no” to any of them, then please stick...

Showcase Your Expertise Planner

You should always showcase your expertise online and offline. Never be afraid to market yourself because you can’t control the search engine rankings and you don’t want to depend on ‘hope’ marketing. That’s a very passive way to run your business; HOPING that people will find you. Be visible online and offline, be vocal, tell people what you do, share...

Social Media Planner & Calendar

17-page social media planner with editable Monthly Social Media Calendar tool in Excel format.
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Subscriber Re-Engagement Planner

$19.00 $10.00
It happens to the best of us: we have great plans and intentions for growing our businesses and we vow to email our subscribers regularly; but then life and/or business events get in the way and those awesome plans are forgotten or given a lower priority. Whatever you do, don’t condemn yourself or consider this an epic failure. The beauty...

The Step By Step Process To Building An Online Sales Funnel

$24.00 $12.00
The need to build an effective ‘sales funnel’ is essential for your business to attract and convert new customers and keep them coming back for more. I show you how in The Step By Step Process To Building An Online Sales Funnel!

Webinar Planner + Bonus Planner Sheets

When it comes to coaching, training, or teaching tools, you have lots of options, especially for connecting with your audience. But none are as flexible as webinars. Simply fill in the blanks and you can use this Webinar Planner + Bonus Sheets to help get yourself and your business out there in a big way! Read below to see what...

Weekly Newsletter Planner

The purpose of a regular newsletter is to provide outstanding value to your subscribers, not just repeated offers that do little but line your own pocketbook. Give readers a reason to look forward to your email, so they open it with anticipation every time it shows up in their inbox, and you’ll soon see your own ROI improving. To do...