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“Planning Your Profitable Webinar” Checklists

These checklists cover each area of planning your profitable webinar! I walk you through each step of the planning process plus what to do when. You won't ever miss a step or a to-do won't be left undone. Put Together Your Plan  (This section focuses on the goal of your event and what items you will need to do) Event...

120 Things Every Business Must Do to Succeed Online

Complete kit of 12 Checklists with 120 Things Every Business Must Do to Succeed Online. Read more below about what is included in the bundle.

21 Listbuilding Strategies

People always ask me, “How can I build my list?” A very good and important question indeed, but let me let you in on a secret. Personally, I spend very little time ACTIVELY building my lists. Most of my time is spent cultivating the trusting relationship and successfully selling to my lists. Because as I already mentioned, the size of...

30 Day Business Planner and Checklist

$24.00 $18.00
Did you know that there are clear signs that a business routine isn’t working? If even one of those signs apply to you, you need this workbook stat. Simply fill in the blanks and you can use this 30 Day Business Planning Workbook and Checklist to help get yourself and your business on the right track!

5-Step Marketing Plan for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

Your marketing plan is a roadmap for one of the key components of your business – marketing. You want to share your wisdom in a way that feels good. WhenRead More

7 Ways to Get More Traffic to Grow Your Business with Pinterest

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Complete Kit: 7 Ways to Get More Traffic to Grow Your Business with Pinterest
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Affiliate Management Templates

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A complete bundle of templates, worksheets, and checklists that will help you leverage the power of affiliate marketing in your business. Read more below about what is included in the bundle.  

Blog Planner

Sign up for shop discounts and announcements and you'll get this beautiful free 2020-2021 Blog Planner.  With this planner, you can create an editorial calendar, brainstorm topics, schedule your posts, prepare each post for success, re-purpose your content so you don't have to work so hard, build your list, monetize your work so you get paid many times over and...

Boost Business & Profits: Tips to Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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Looking to boost your business, find freedom, and leverage your online business? Get this valuable report that shows you how to delegate the right way.

Business Accounting Sheets

This accounting pack includes 25 sheets to record and track your expenses and income. I've added two versions that you can use: Word format (for customizing and printing) and PDF format (to fill-in online and print). Read more below for a full list of what's included.  

Business Finances Starter Kit

This set contains 4 planning sheets to help you learn how to plan for and manage your business finances, and 15+ done-for-you forms, templates, and checklists to make tracking the finances in your business “fill-in-the-blank” simple! All of the forms are in MS Office format and are completely customizable. Read more below about what is included in the kit.  

Business Freedom Guide

Business Freedom Guide is my training course that provides you with simple systems that will save you time, money and de-stress your life! I can help you plug the money leaks, simplify processes, and shorten the gaps so you can save time, make more money, and get rid of the overwhelm.