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A complete bundle with podcasting templates, worksheets, printables, spreadsheets, plus an Insider’s Guide with tips on how to start a podcast.

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If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast as an additional way to market your content and ideas, you couldn’t have picked a better time to do it. There are more tools than ever available to help you create professional podcasts and the love for podcasts is growing every day.

Podcasts are a fantastic way to repurpose and reuse popular content that you’ve published elsewhere. Alternately, you could create your podcasts first, then offer transcripts to listeners and/or use the information to create fresh content for your blog, products and more.

Starting a podcast is super easy. It’s inexpensive, and your audience will like it. If you want to start a new stream of income or drive more traffic to your website, and you already have an audience, a podcast is an easy decision. Even if you’re just beginning a podcast can launch your new career fast. Here are just a few reasons to start a podcast:

  • Repurpose Content – As someone who already has a business online, you know the importance of using the content you buy. What’s more, you should be using it multiple times to get the most bang for your buck. Repurposing some of your most popular content into a podcast episode gives your audience more of what they want in a new way.
  • Create a New Stream of Income – Making money from a podcast is just as easy as making money from your blog, a YouTube channel, and other online methods of earning money. If you have a promising idea, there is no reason you won’t make more money through your podcast.
  • Build and Grow Your Audience – Podcasts are a wonderful way to build an audience and keep it growing. It may take more time if you’re starting from nothing, but if your idea is good and you consistently upload episodes, your audience will grow.
  • Promote Products and Services – A podcast like ads, blogging, and other forms of content marketing is the perfect way to promote your own products and services as well as those you promote as an affiliate. It’s like giving your main income a boost without doing a whole lot of work.

Look at any podcast platform and you’ll see many types of podcasts on about every topic you can think of. Let’s go over a few ideas to consider as you think about starting a podcast as an additional income stream or marketing platform for your information, products, or services:

  • Informative – These types of podcasts keep your audience up to date on everything from changes in the industry to upcoming products you’re releasing. They can be focused on information for business owners, for example, the opening of new venues or new tax laws. Or they could share information with the customer such as new artists on the scene or upcoming events they may want to attend.
  • Educational – This would be less focused on how to do something and more about a topic. For example, a doctor might do a podcast on heart health topics. It could include latest research, medications, things to try, things that have been proven less effective, etc. Remember we talked about repurposing popular content you already have? This would be one way to do that.
  • How To – By far one of the easiest podcasts to create. You simply tell your audience how to do something or tips for making the most of something. For example, if you’re a life coach, you could do podcast on one aspect of your coaching, such as mindset. You could do an entire series on the topic focusing on the various aspects of mindset and changing it.

Honestly, the ideas for podcasts are endless. Any topic you can spend 20 minutes talking about and that people will listen to and understand should work for a podcast. It’s all about having a conversation with your audience about the issues they’re interested in.

My goal is to make things easier for you… so you can reach more people in your business and get more sales. This bundle includes a variety of Templates and Worksheets to help you start a podcast!

Here’s what you get:

  • Insider’s Guide with quick tips on types of podcasts, how to get started, and how to make the most of your podcast
  • Email Promotion Templates – use these templates to help you get started promoting your podcast. Templates include: Upcoming Guest Announcement, Live Tomorrow, Starting Soon, and Episode Recap.
  • Guest Invitation Email Templates – Use these templates to help you get started finding speakers/guests for your podcast.
  • Social Media Graphics – I’ve included square templates in PNG and PSD so you can easily edit and start advertising on social media for your podcast.
  • 20 Steps to Creating Your First Podcast – Use this list to keep you on track while planning your podcast. Some steps include: Choosing a Platform, Determining a Genre, and Brainstorm a name.
  • 35 Ways to Incorporate a Podcast into Your Business – Some ways include: Build Authority, Network with Others, Interview Team Members
  • Book a Guest Worksheet – Use this worksheet to ensure you are booking a guest that naturally fit your goals, needs, and promotional plan.
  • Choosing Your Topic, Voice,  and Message – This questionnaire is designed to help choose podcast topics that will enhance and grow your business.
  •  Guest Bio Template – Several fill-in-the-blank bio templates to use for your guest speakers.
  • Guest Bio Worksheet – Having a complete and compelling bio for guest speakers is necessary if you want to attract a lot of listeners. Use this worksheet to create a working bio for your guest.
  • Guest Tracking Spreadsheet – Use this spreadsheet to keep track of invitations, acceptance, and after-show for your guests.
  • Podcast Best Practices – This list of podcast best practices will help ensure you have done what you can to make your podcast the best show possible.
  • Podcast Equipment Checklist – Recording a podcast is easy and doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment. You may already have much of what is needed. I include a list of equipment that will help make your podcast as professional as possible.
  • Podcast Planning Calendar Template – Use this template to plan your upcoming podcast episodes. Start planning at least 4 weeks in advance to allow time for any mishaps or interruptions.
  • Podcast Topic Brainstorming & EngagementDesigned to help you identify and choose the best topics suited to your niche and your listeners. It will also walk you through some ways to increase listener engagement.
  • Podcast Tracking Spreadsheet  – Use this spreadsheet to keep track of certain parts of your podcast such as purpose, audience, frequency, and social media posts.

As you can see, the podcasting templates included in this bundle will help you stay on track planning your new podcast or supercharge your existing one.