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Subscriber Re-Engagement Planner

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It happens to the best of us: we have great plans and intentions for growing our businesses and we vow to email our subscribers regularly; but then life and/or business events get in the way and those awesome plans are forgotten or given a lower priority. Whatever you do, don’t condemn yourself or consider this an epic failure. The beauty of being human is we’re allowed to make mistakes and there’s always a way to start over again.

This planner walks you step by step to re-engaging with your subscribers.

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

  • Introduction: Don’t give up hope if you disappeared from your email subscribers
    • Exercise: Evaluate your current email practices
  • Step One: Renew Your Commitment to Community Building
    • Exercise: Set your email marketing intention
  • Step Two: Review Your Current Opt-ins
    • Exercise: Create consistent messaging
  • Step Three: Ask Them What They Want and Need
    • Exercise: Create a survey
  • Step Four: Get Personal
    • Exercise: Write a “Here’s What I’m Up To” email
  • Step Five: Bring Them Back To Your Blog
    • Exercise: Write a “Here’s What’s New” email
  • Step Six: Invite Readers to Connect in Different Ways
    • Exercise: Optimize and create consistent branding across all your platforms
  • Step Seven: Don’t Lose Your Momentum
    • Exercise: Plan your autoresponder sequence
    • Exercise: Plan the frequency of your emails